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Better Safety of structures: because of higher Strength combined with higher ductility.

Easy working at site: owing to better Ductility and Bend ability. Pre welded meshes can be made to eliminate manual binding at site.

Resists fire: SIDHBALI TMT bars have high thermal stability. They are the preferred choice when elevated temperatures of 400-6000 C may be encountered (Chimneys, fires).

Resists Corrosion: because SIDHBALI TMT process gives the bar superior strength and anti-corrosive properties. Controlled water-cooling prevents the formation of coarse carbides, which has been cited as     the main cause for the corrosive nature of common bar.

Formability: Due to very high elongation values and consistent properties throughout the length of bar, SIDHBALI TMT re bars have excellent workability and bend ability.

Earthquake Resistance: The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading. SIDHBALI TMT bars have high fatigue resistance to Dynamic/Seismic loads due to its higher     ductility quality. This makes them most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.

Malleability: SIDHBALI TMT bars are most preferred because of their flexible nature.

Fine welding features: SIDHBALI TMT re bars can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.

Bonding strength: External ribs running across the entire length of the SIDHBALI TMT bar give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete.

Cost-effective: A high tensile strength and better elongation value of SIDHBALI TMT gives you great savings and reduced transportation costs.